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Planning for the Future

The last two years have been transformative, to say the least, but the Institute for Education Innovation is looking ahead to a bright future with the rest of the IEI Family and that includes our valued Members and Partners. We have developed IEI's Regional Retreat 2022, which will be held after the budget vote, to focus on planning for the 2023 school year.    

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Turning Stone

 Turning Stone is beautifully designed and serves as the perfect place for IEI Members to gather. This regional retreat allows for focused planning away from the busyness of major cities. 

Workshops & Panel Discussions

Participate in productive conversations regarding issues facing K-12 schools specific to your area. Panel discussions will focus on topics such as equity, attendance, and testing.

"My IEI experience has enhanced my leadership in significant ways"

- Dr. Bob Ike, Superintendent of Palmyra-Macedon Central School District, NY -